Charles Barkley Rips LaVar Ball, Calls Him a 'Big Mouth Jackass'


I think it’s safe to say Charles Barkley is not a fan of LaVar Ball.

Barkley was on Wednesday’s edition of “Get Up!” and was asked about Lonzo Ball’s apparent breakup with Big Baller Brand. He didn’t hold back in pointing the finger squarely at Lonzo’s dad for this mess.

Check it out:

I mean, he’s just saying what we were all thinking.

The general idea of Big Baller Brand wasn’t a bad one. Let a player create his own brand instead of relying on one of the big shoe companies. The only real issue was having LaVar Ball at the center of it. Obviously it was going to be a complete failure.

Everyone I know who has encountered Lonzo has said he seems like a really good kid. He’s also incredibly fun to watch on the court when he’s healthy. Basketball fans can only hope he moves away from the toxic circus his father has brought on him and stays healthy on the court.