Charles Barkley Nearly Fell Asleep During Inside the NBA Last Night


Charles Barkley, currently trouncing Deion Sanders in the First Round of our March Media Madness poll, needed a cup of coffee or something during Thursday night’s Inside the NBA broadcast on TNT. The Bulls easy win over the Rockets and the Thunder’s demolition of the Lakers apparently didn’t do enough to keep Sir Charles attention and he nearly pulled a Mike Francesa, dozing off on the air. Unlike New York’s No. 1, Barkley was able to laugh at himself admitting he lost all interest after Scandal was over.

The TNT gang, naturally, had a good laugh at Barkley’s trouble keeping his eyes open. Master impressionist Shaquille O’Neal also gave us this face:

Let’s keep our fingers crossed Shaq’s next crowd-funded revival project will be a sequel to Steel.

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