Charles Barkley Gives LIV Contract Deadline Ultimatum

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The possibility of Charles Barkley joining LIV came out of nowhere last week and very quickly became a real possibility. Barkley met with Greg Norman to discuss a possible role and has kept Dan Patrick and other media outlets updated throughout the saga.

Barkley is now saying that he doesn't have an offer from LIV yet and if he doesn't have one in hand by Thursday then he's done.

I suppose from a certain angle it's refreshing to hear Barkley bluntly state that it's about the money after we've seen numerous big-name golfers publicly promise their support to the PGA before defecting to LIV shortly thereafter.

It's always been tough to see Barkley's fit with LIV and now that he's given them a public ultimatum a partnership feels even less likely. The upstart tour doesn't have a TV broadcast deal with anybody and there are quickly diminishing returns on paying Barkley nine digits to commentate over a livestream.

Without a TV deal in place, paying the TNT analyst an unholy sum of money to become a key personality of the broadcast just doesn't make sense. But there's enough money flowing into LIV that many decisions need not be financially prudent. We'll see what wins out in the end. By Thursday, apparently.