Charles Barkley Loudly Guaranteed That the Kings Would Whoop The Warriors' Ass Last Night


There's a special text thread and support meeting for the very small corner of sports media who isn't in Charles Barkley's pocket and it was particularly eventful last night as his pregame prediction of a Sacramento Kings' blowout victory over the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 turned out to be loud wrong.

An ass-whooping never materialized as Stephen Curry and Draymond Green and Klay Thompson once again proved that if you want to kill them you'd better pack a sack lunch and have a pain tolerance resembling something you'd seen in a Jason Statham movie.

Meaning this little bit of video is just going to hang out on the internet forever or until people move on to the next thing.

And really, who cares? Predictions are really hard because no one can see the future. The only guarantee we can all trust is the one from the Men's Warehouse dude. But it did get us thinking. What if there was an account that exposed old takes so we could all enjoy them? Could that work? Would people follow that?

This is probably a win for Barkley because, hell, everything is a win for Barkley. Hell, he's getting a show on CNN even though you'd get up and move seats if someone had suggested such an idea to you on the bus a year ago.

Times are weird, if someone putting their whole chest into doubting the chronically champion Warriors wasn't enough of a indication.