Charles Barkley Curses On TV, Gets Reprimanded By Ernie Johnson


The Inside the NBA crew were on-air Thursday night when things went awry. Charles Barkley said "a**holes" which turned Ernie Johnson into a hall monitor. Barkley sheepishly apologized, claiming he meant "jackasses." Meanwhile, Shaquille O'Neal lost it, laughing incredibly hard and promising to pay Barkley's FCC fine.

Check it out:

Johnson going into "be a professional" mode is really funny here. But the best part of this show is how it rarely seems the panelists know they're on TV. This was bound to happen sooner or later, though Barkley says it's the first time he's cursed on-air.

Shaq laughing uncontrollably makes this clip for me. He's really enjoying watching someone else screw up.