Clark Kellogg Discouraged Kids From Cheating While Charles Barkley Gave Them Cheating Advice


The Dayton Flyers made an improbable comeback against the Nevada Wolf Pack during day one of March Madness. After the game the Inside the NBA crew (minus Shaq, plus Clark Kellogg) broke down what had happened with Charles Barkley voicing all Kenny Smith's points before Smith had a chance to talk. This prompted Smith and Ernie Johnson to accuse Barkley of cheating off Smith's notes. Barkley then argued that you never cheat off the dumbest kid in school.

"You think I'm going to cheat off the dumbest people in school? You never cheat off the dumbest class in school. Kids, that's a lesson for ya. Look at the smart kids if you're going to cheat off their paper."

Barkley misspoke at least once during his insult, which kind of undercut the effectiveness of the burn, but everyone on set was having a good time so no big deal.

Of course, the real highlight of the clip is Clark Kellogg finally chiming in to suggest that kids not cheat. That's a veteran voice of amateur athletics right there. Sure, Ernie and Charles kept laughing, but at least Kenny agreed with him.