Charles Barkley: "Analytics Geek" Daryl Morey "Covering His Own Ass" Firing Kevin McHale


Charles Barkley was a guest on Colin Cowherd’s show yesterday. The topic of Kevin McHale’s firing came up. Anyone who’s listened to Barkley enough over the years could have mad-libbed his response. (Video of this snippet was removed from YouTube for some reason, but can be seen on Fox Sports.)

“I just think Daryl Morey screwed Kevin McHale,” Barkley said. “Obviously me and Daryl Morey don’t like each other, because he’s one of those analytics geeks who think you get numbers winning games instead of players. The guy just was in the [Western] Conference finals five months ago, and he sucks after 11 games? I just think that’s really unfair to Kevin McHale … I just think it’s the GM covering his own ass, and Kevin McHale got screwed.”

Barkley mentions his longstanding feud with Morey, which came to a head this past February with this tweet:

We would not complain if Morey wants to go in for another round.

[Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images]