Four Fox Sports Talents Discuss Their First Super Bowl Memory

Charissa Thompson, Jay Glazer, Curt Menefee, and Mike Pereira
Charissa Thompson, Jay Glazer, Curt Menefee, and Mike Pereira /

MIAMI, FL -- Fox Sports hosted media day on Monday. All of their big talents working for the Super Bowl game broadcast and studio shows were available for about 30-40 minutes. With the requisite nimbleness to get in questions in between the many local TV crews, I asked Charissa Thompson, Jay Glazer, Curt Menefee, and Mike Pereira about their first Super Bowl Memories.

Charissa Thompson

"I always watched football with my dad growing up. It's why I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. But I think the Super Bowl that holds the most special place in my heart, even though I was on the losing side of it was the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl with the Malcolm Butler interception on the goal line. As said it was, it was one of those moments where I couldn't believe what had just happened but appreciated that that's why you play the game all the way to the end. Even when we thought as Seahawks fans we were going to win, and I was standing right there. To see it all happen that way was very disappointing but also exciting to witness that in person."

Mike Pereira

"My first memory is going to the game with my father at Stanford when the 49ers played the Dolphins at Stanford Stadium. For whatever reason, they couldn't play at the Stick. My dad took me. I was very young. I don't remember what year it was, but we sat on the wooden bleachers in Stanford Stadium and watch the 49ers pretty much thrash the Dolphins as far as I can recall. At that time I was certainly more of a passionate San Francisco fan, growing up with my dad who was such a big 49ers fan."

Jay Glazer

"I was a kid; it was Dallas against Denver in 1978. I was watching at my grandparents' house. That actually got me to be a huge Cowboys fan as a kid. And then in 1984 my dad got season tickets to the Giants, and obviously I had to stop being a Cowboys fan and become a Giants fan. And then the Giants went on a run, and I got a job covering the Giants in 1993. It's funny how things work."

Curt Menefee

"Probably my first memory about the Super Bowl was the Steelers and Cowboys in Super Bowl XIV in Pasadena. I grew up in Atlanta. The Falcons stunk. So they were never on during the playoffs. I had to pick a second team so I picked the Cowboys. I remember watching them for the first time going through the playoffs, and they were taking on the Steelers with this guy named Terry Bradshaw at quarterback ... I was rooting against them and I was rooting for the Cowboys to win."