Charissa Thompson is Dating ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Williams

By Jason McIntyre

Jay Williams and Charissa Thompson – the ESPN basketball analyst and the Sportsnation host – are the Worldwide Leader’s newest romance. The photo on the far right was tweeted by Thompson over the weekend from a Justin Timberlake performance in New Orleans, and a reader tweeted this to me Tuesday:

Though nobody at ESPN would confirm whether or not these two were dating – the network wouldn’t when Michelle Beadle was dating then-hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby in 2011, either – two media sources who were at the Super Bowl confirmed Thompson and Williams have been together for several months.

Given how the network is positioning Thompson as the next Erin Andrews, and how Williams (the former Duke point guard and No. 1 draft pick) is only 31 and one of the ESPN’s top young college basketball analysts, that’s quite a power couple.

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