Chargers Team Doctor Accidentally Punctured Tyrod Taylor's Lungs

Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod Taylor / Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Poor Tyrod Taylor seriously can't catch a break. He was usurped by backups in both Buffalo and Cleveland before getting another shot at a starting job in Los Angeles for the Chargers this season. He got exactly one game before rookie Justin Herbert started in his place.

The circumstances were strange, though. To say the least. Herbert found out he was starting literally 10 minutes before kickoff. Reports emerged during the game that Taylor had to go to the hospital with chest pain. Nobody really knew what happened. Until today, when Adam Schefter reported Taylor missed his start because his own doctor accidentally punctured his lung while trying to inject painkillers into Taylor to help deal with his rib injury he suffered the week prior. Yes, this appears to be real.

I mean... What? Everyone makes mistakes, but it seems that a doctor qualified enough to work for a professional football team should be able to avoid puncturing lungs. Especially while administering painkillers, which seems like it would be a very common occurrence in the NFL. And yet! Here we are!

The Chargers should really invest some money into finding a new team doctor. They have important players miss time every season with injuries, and now this. This might explain why Anthony Lynn was so adamant that Taylor would keep his starting job even though Herbert played pretty well and kept the Chargers in their game against Kansas City for longer than they should have.

Taylor's spate of bad luck continues in unbelievable ways, and the Chargers keeping finding new paths to walk in the pursuit of screwing up. Remarkable, really.