Chargers Stadium is Still Embarrassingly Empty

Chargers Texans crowd
Chargers Texans crowd /

The Los Angeles Chargers are in their third season in LA and yet they still can't fill their tiny soccer stadium home. On Sunday it was clear that if there's not a massive contingent of opposing fans, Dignity Health Sports Park won't get filled.

The Houston Texans didn't travel particularly well to LA this week, and that left a ton of empty seats in the stands. The game will likely be listed as a "sellout." That's only because ticket brokers likely bought season ticket packages in hopes of selling them off to opposing fans. They clearly didn't unload them this week.

There was a ton of red in the stands (obviously Texans fans) but also swaths of empty seats all afternoon. Check out some crowd shots below.

The Chargers have to be freaking out right now. They've had almost three years to build a fan base in Los Angeles and still can't reliably pack a 25,000-seat stadium with their own fans. It's mind-boggling and just more evidence that Los Angeles doesn't want them and never did.

The rest of the Chargers' home contests will likely look like road games. The Broncos, Steelers, Packers, Vikings and Raiders travel well and could overwhelm the Chargers fans who do show up. Luckily for the Bolts, the team's "home" matchup with the Chiefs will be played in Mexico City, or that would have been yet another embarrassing showing.