Short List of Ideas Better Than Punting to Patrick Mahomes in Overtime

David Eulitt/Getty Images

Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn willingly gave possession of the football back to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs instead of attempting a fourth-and-one on his own 34 yard-line in overtime on Sunday. On paper, it was a difficult decision, with the win probability extremely similar no matter the choice made. In reality, it was objectively insane to punt to the scariest quarterback alive and things predictably backfired.

Harrison Butker, who may be our hunkiest kicker, ended up booting a 58-yarder to seal a Kansas City victory and ensure the Chargers and first-time starter Justin Herbert never saw the football again. Lynn explained his puzzling decision this way:

"“I considered going for it,” Lynn said, via the Los Angeles Times. “It was a little bit more than one. We need to get a stop on defense. . . . I went for it a couple other times in the game. But, at that point in time, I thought I’d give us a chance to extend the game. It didn’t work out."

We all know that famous quote. You play to extend the game.

If people were still saying Bad Idea Jeans — and to be clear, they shouldn't — they'd be saying Bad Idea Jeans about the whole endeavor. So with in mind, let's explore exactly how bad of an idea giving up the ball was in comparison. Here's a brief, incomplete list of ideas that are better than punting in that situation.

* Using Icy Hot as a condiment on a sub sandwich

* A 6:55 a.m. tee time for eight on a bachelor party weekend

* Agreeing to an interview with Isaac Chotiner

* Betting the over in a Sunday Night Football game when you really need it

* Intentionally walking the leadoff man

* Getting involved an Asian land war

* Beer before liquor

* A tag-team best man speech

* Sticking to pre-COVID ideas of acceptable screentime for children

* Quibi

All of this to say, it was a terrible decision at the time for Lynn and led to expected results. Something we all could have predicted.