Chargers Managed To Insult The Military, The American Flag And San Diego In One Photo

Ryan Phillips

The Los Angeles Chargers are a disaster from top to bottom, and that was proven again on Tuesday. The team tweeted out a picture of fans in uniform holding an American flag and a Chargers banner as part of the NFL’s “Salute To Service” week.

Nice, right? Well…take a look.

Notice anything weird? So, here’s the thing, that photo is old and a few San Diego-based former Bolts fans noticed. They had seen it before, only now it looked slightly different. You see, in an attempt to crop out the “San Diego” from the bottom of the Chargers banner, the team also cropped out several servicemembers and part of the American flag.

Check out the side-by-side comparison:

Yep, the Chargers managed to crop out a member of the military and most of two others, and covered up part of the American flag just to try and pretend this picture was new and not from San Diego-based fans. Seriously, who is running things over there…oh, right.

Is there anything this franchise won’t screw up?