Chargers LA Experiment Continues To Be A Joke As 49ers Fans Take Over Their Stadium

Ryan Phillips

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the Los Angeles Chargers welcomed a pathetic crowd to StubHub Center on Sunday.

The showing in the stands for Sunday’s matchup with the lowly San Francisco 49ers might have been the worst yet. It was laughable. The stands were red all the way around and even the franchise’s defenders have no excuses this week.


Some will no doubt attempt to defend this crowd, so lets go ahead and destroy all potential arguments:

-The 49ers are one of the NFL’s worst teams and their franchise quarterback is out for the year, while the Chargers are an uber-talented squad with Super Bowl dreams and a future Hall of Famer at under center. It’s not like fans of a really good team are packing the stadium of a bad one.

-San Francisco is not a “cold weather” city so you can’t claim they traveled well because of the weather.

-We often hear Chargers defenders claim opposing fans take over the “visiting” side of the field. Uh, guys? This isn’t a high school game. There is no “visitor’s side.”

-Chargers defenders often point out that opposing packed the team’s stadium in San Diego sometimes. Yes, that happened and occasionally when the Chargers were terrible the crowds were bad, but this is happening in Los Angeles every week.

-Some have claimed the tickets are too expensive at StubHub Center and that’s the cause of all this. Well, tickets won’t be any cheaper at the Rams’ new stadium the Chargers will be playing in. There will also be 70,000 seats to fill.

I’m sorry but there’s no way to spin this. The Chargers are an unmitigated disaster in Los Angeles. We all know it and so does the NFL. It’s a relocation that should never have been allowed. The only people touting this as a success are Dean Spanos and his idiot sons.

The Chargers are a team in the second-biggest market in the country and they can’t find 25,000 of their own fans willing to show up at a game. Things aren’t getting better, if anything they’re getting worse.

Not only have the Chargers lost the “Fight for LA” they can’t even win the fight for their own home stadium.

This is a constant embarrassment to the league and will never succeed.