Chargers And Rams Had Hilariously Awful Attendance At 'Fight For LA' Preseason Matchup


If two NFL teams are “fighting for LA” and no one shows up, did it actually happen? The Los Angeles Rams hosted the San Diego Orange County Carson Los Angeles Chargers in the third week of the preseason Saturday evening and the crowd was brutal.

Check out some shots:

"2 HOME TEAMS AND THERE IS NOBODY THERE at kickoff of #Rams & #Chargers. And this is side angle that makes crowd look thicker! Unreal! #NFL — Shane Gray (@RealShaneGray) August 27, 2017"

I mean, look at the background in the middle of the second quarter:

The Rams claim 58,561 tickets were “distributed” for that game, but if so, a solid 10,000 of those people didn’t show up.

Yeah, sure, this was a preseason game, but there are 18.1 million people in the Los Angeles area. If these two teams couldn’t get 60,000 people to show up to a “crosstown rivalry” game, that’s pathetic.

The NFL has told us for years that there was a robust appetite for the NFL in Los Angeles. That may be true, but less than two years since the league returned to the city, there clearly isn’t any hunger for the Rams and Chargers.

The Chargers are having issues filling their 27,000-seat soccer stadium in Carson, and the Rams couldn’t come close to filling the Los Angeles Coliseum by midseason in their first year back in town.

Forget the B.S. spin surfacing from both of these franchises and the NFL, this is a complete embarrassment for the league. Yeah, it’s the preseason, but half-empty stadiums are a horrible look when we’ve been sold on how excited people in LA were for the NFL to return.