What is Chanel West Coast's 'Ridiculousness' Salary?

Chanel West Coast
Chanel West Coast / Rich Polk/GettyImages

If you've turned on MTV any time in the last decade, chances are very good you've stumbled upon Ridiculousness. Rob Dyrdek's hit show has been running for 11 years now and occupies a good chunk of MTV's daytime programming. The modern version of American's Funniest Home Videos, the entire premise of the show is watching viral videos of people doing dumb stuff and laughing about it. Doesn't get old, does it?

Chanel West Coast has been a central cast member of Ridiculousness for most of its existence. Some are curious as to how much she makes doing that.

Chanel West Coast Ridiculousness Salary

According to earnthenecklace.com, Chanel West Coast reportedly makes $142,050 per episode of Ridiculousness. Which is a lot! There have (somehow) been 27 seasons of Ridiculousness and each season contains anywhere from 30 to 42 episodes after Season 5, when the show really hit its stride.

TV is really where the money is, huh?