Chandler Jones Medical Emergency Details Are In a Confused State

Stephen Douglas

Chandler Jones went to the hospital on Sunday morning. Details surrounding Jones’ “medical emergency” have leaked out slowly and confusingly. Probably because of this line from the original story in the Boston Herald:

"But police officials won’t say what the emergency was and the police chief confirmed information was deleted from dispatch records before they were released to the Herald." obtained audio of police dispatch audio which described Jones as a “confused party” after he showed up on their doorstep at 7:42 AM Sunday morning. The audio includes a reference to a “class D” which likely means police believe Jones had used some sort of drug.

"“I got his keys off the kitchen table, I was able to lock the front door. If you want to just pass along to the fire, he was definitely involved with class D delta before this happened, just so they know.”"

WEEI says that multiple sources told them that Jones had overdosed on pills. Pro Football Talk also says that WEEI briefly implied that whatever Jones was doing took place at the home of Rob Gronkowski. That was the last we heard Gronk’s name involved.

Whatever happened, Jones has been at practice all week. It’s probably a long shot we get any definitive, official answers as the Patriots are focusing on the Chiefs coming to town on Saturday. Plus, the New England media is already busy figuring out how Bill Belichick got a black eye.