Chandler Jones Melts Down About Raiders on Instagram After Getting Locked Out of Gym

Chandler Jones
Chandler Jones / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Chandler Jones did not have a great first year as a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, posting only 4.5 sacks in 15 games after putting up 10.5 sacks in his final year with the Arizona Cardinals in 2021. Fortunately for Jones there does not seem to be pressure for him to turn it around quickly as the Raiders voluntarily moved into no-man's land by dumping Derek Carr and signing Jimmy Garoppolo over the offseason. Still the Raiders undoubtedly expect more from a guy they signed to a $51 million contract one year ago.

Days before the Raiders visit the Denver Broncos to kick off 2023, things don't seem to be good between Jones and the franchise. The defensive end melted down on his Instagram page on Tuesday morning, posting texts he sent to head coach Josh McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler after he apparently was unable to get into the team gym. He later posted that he didn't want to play for the Raiders if those two were in charge and advocated for Patrick Graham, currently the defensive line coach for Vegas, to take over instead.

It was quite a whirlwind. You can find the Instagram Stories yourself via Jones' page, and below are screenshots in case they are deleted.

Jones also appeared to accuse the team of contacting the mother of his child and said he wanted to have a "powwow" with Antonio Brown and Aldon Smith, both of whom are out of the league due to off-field issues.

So... yeah. A lot going on here. Not what the Raiders want from their fourth-highest paid player. And it is rarely a good sign when someone wants to powwow with Antonio Brown. We'll see if the Raiders feel the same way in short order.