Chandler Jones Had a Bad Reaction to Synthetic Marijuana, Showed Up at Police Station Shirtless

Stephen Douglas

Chandler Jones had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana that caused him to show up at the Foxboro police station on Sunday morning. Now we finally have accurate details of the strange ordeal that police classified as a “medical emergency.” Synthetic marijuana doesn’t sound fun. Via the Boston Globe:

"“It was evident that the individual was looking for help and assistance,’’ one report prepared for Police Chief Edward T. O’Leary wrote. “In a very hurried fashion, this individual scurried through the lot where the cruisers are were parked and then made a direct line’’ to the police only entrance."

When police found him, he surrendered peacefully… without being asked to do so.

"He also described what he saw when Jones approached the police station around 7:40 a.m Sunday. Jones alternatively appeared as though he was trying to surrender to authorities or pray. When the officer first saw Jones, he noted that the man was not wearing a shirt."

Jones found the help he was seeking. And sounds like a perfectly nice guy.

"Throughout his interaction with police and firefighters, Jones was described as cooperative and willing to do whatever asked of him as first responders helped him out. “Mr. Jones did not resist, nor was he ever argumentative or confrontational,’’ Foscaldo wrote. “Mr. Jones was not armed, and he did not have any narcotics on either on his person or in his possession.’’"

He also told police on numerous occasions that he had been told to go to the police station. As previously reported, the officer who went to Jones’ home to get his keys smelled marijuana.