Chaim Bloom: A Lot of Boston Sports Media Privately Disavows Things They Say or Write

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Chaim Bloom is the Chief Baseball Officer for the Boston Red Sox, which is an objectively badass title that comes with the responsibility of answering for all the things that could potentially upset the intense fanbase. Someone at the Boston Globe – and we'd tell you who if the subscribe pop-up didn't actively obscure the byline every time – recently spent a day with Bloom to get an idea of what goes into such a position and it's an illuminating piece. The most interesting tidbit?

It sounds like more than a few sports personalities in the area are writing or saying things for effect, then tracking down Bloom to tell him that it's all a show and they don't necessarily believe their own words.

Look, it's not exactly the revelation of the century. Each and every day we are blasted in the face with a firehose of content, all of it specifically tailored to get as much attention and engagement as possible. A lot of times it's very obvious that the hot-taker or agent of chaos doesn't have their heart in it. Still, this strikes me as profoundly lame. How does one do the job that way? Firing off critique after critique knowing that deep down, you don't even believe what you're selling, seems like a recipe for waking up one day and realizing that you're the jerk.

Then there's the element of disrespecting the viewers or readers like that with intellectual dishonesty. In Boston! What a dangerous game to play. Of course, the other side of that is the thrill. And the money.

So, take everything you read about the Red Sox this year with a grain of salt. That is, if you believe Bloom's claim. At this point it's tough to know what's real anymore.

Great system.