Chad Kelly Apparently Slid Back Into Mia Khalifa's DM's Before Deleting His Account (Again)


Chad Kelly, the starting quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels, slid into the direct messages of former adult film actress / current sports columnistMia Khalifa, before the team’s game against Florida State last month. Khalifa “blew up” Kelly’s spot, as the kids say, by posting a screengrab of their incredibly boring exchange. Kelly was then roasted online to the point where he deleted his entire account.

Apparently, Kelly re-activated his account and took another run at becoming online friends with Khalifa on Friday night.

So it appears he had this interaction, was again exposed with a screen grab and again deleted his account. Of course, there’s the possibility that someone else created the account and sent these messages. Or that this is a photoshop. Or some thing possibility.

Ole Miss plays Arkansas tonight at 7pm on ESPN.