Central Michigan Tailgating and USC Tailgating Aren't Really Comparable


Two years ago, Central Michigan University changed their tailgating rules and parking lot drinking plummeted. Sports and Food found this campus news story about the drop in CMU tailgate attendance. Since the new tailgating sanctions have been around since 2009, I thought this video might be old, but I can’t find any evidence. So that just means that the tailgate has been dead at CMU for years now. How sad. CMU did win their home opener on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Sports and Food also found this video done by a USC senior to capture just how awesome it is to go to a major football and party school in Southern California. Central Michigan students should turn their anger from the administration that took away their ability to properly tailgate and turn it on the family members that allowed them to go to school in Michigan.

(In case any CMU alum or students are reading here’s a fairly good counterpoint – CMU swimwear fashion show. Also, CMU is bowl-eligible. Suck on that with a suntan, USC.)

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