Jaylin Williams, Tre Mann Invent New Clap During Celtics-Thunder

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The Boston Celtics visited the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday for a battle between two of the best teams in the league and it delivered on the hype. The two sides played to a draw in the first half with tough shot-making and hounding defense galore before OKC pulled away in the third, appearing to put the game on ice. Then the Celtics made a late push once Jayson Tatum took on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and locked him up, leading to a great back-and-forth in the final two minutes. The Thunder ultimately prevailed and everyone watching would be quite glad to see these teams face off again in a seven-game series come June.

The game also gave us a glimpse of true ingenuity on the bench courtesy of Thunder young guns Jaylin Williams and Tre Mann. As Josh Giddey was sitting down, Mann held out his hand for a high five. He was left hanging, but Williams was there to save him and gave his hand a gentle smack. At that point you can see the lightbulb go off above Mann's head and he proceeded to make Williams continue to hit his hand to create a two-person clap.

The best part is how unfazed Williams is by how weird his teammate is being. Just dudes being guys out there. Not quite as good as Michael Beasley accidentally rubbing his teammate's knee instead of his own, but it's up there as far as bench entertainment goes. What the Thunder need to do to take this to the next level is to get everyone in on it. An entire bench of 10 guys standing up and using each other's hands to clap. That's good stuff.

The vibes in Oklahoma City are absolutely tremendous as things stand. Mann doing this in the waning moments of a very close game where his team blew a double-digit lead and nobody getting mad at him means the chemistry is incredibly high. And they'll ultimately won, which means this could become a superstition of sorts. We can only hope.