Bad Math Creates Bizarre Celebrity Jeopardy Ending With Katie Nolan and Christopher Meloni


Celebrity Jeopardy! is a great way to mention three random people in the same sentence and an opportunity for someone you've seen on your television or computer screen to do something memorable on a game-show stage. If you're into that kind of thing.

On last night's episode, Ken Jennings welcomed Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SVU, Sherri Shepherd of being Angie Jordan on 30 Rock, and Katie Nolan of Regis Philbin's Crowd Goes Wild. Nolan excelled through the first two rounds and carried a $14,100 to $8,800 lead over Meloni entering Final Jeopardy! Which meant that the most Meloni could end up would be $17,600 with an all-or-nothing wager. To ensure victory with a correct question then, Nolan needed to wager anything more than $3,500. But because math is really hard and it's pretty hot under all those lights she wagered exactly that, leading to a tie with the man famous for portraying Eliot Stabler and talking to that can of vegetables in Wet Hot American Summer.

This led to a tiebreaking answer that Nolan was able to buzz in first on to get the win. Free extra content and it was all for charity so, really, we're all winners.