Dolphins Allowed to Hold CeeDee Lamb By the Underwear Without Getting Called for Pass Interference


The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins met in Week 16 in what could technically end up being a Super Bowl preview. Anyone expecting to see a shootout between the two highest-scoring offenses in the NFL was disappointed, but they were treated to a game that came down to the final minutes. And anyone who was watching the game with their family on Christmas Eve got an early look at some underwear they might find underneath the tree the next morning.

That's DeShon Elliott grabbing Lamb around the belt on second and goal. Elliott got away with that one despite the fact that he helped Lamb flash all of Miami. Justice was served a couple plays later when both Elliott and Xavier Howard were called for pass interference on fourth down

Miami fans didn't like the call, but come on. This is the time of the year where you're supposed to be honest with everyone -- including yourself.

The Cowboys eventually took the lead on a Brandin Cooks touchdown catch. Even with people grabbing him by the underwear, Lamb had 118 yards and a touchdown during the game, which is pretty impressive.