CC Sabathia and Aaron Boone Pretended to Broadcast Games From Cleveland Dugout

CC Sabathia and Aaron Boone
CC Sabathia and Aaron Boone / Elsa/Getty Images

CC Sabathia's post-baseball career has been fruitful and varied thus far. He joined The Ringer. He started a podcast called R2C2 with Ryan Ruocco. He's appeared on TV and has generally turned into a known and well-liked athlete-turned-media personality.

His next endeavor is apparently basketball commentating, as he'll be appearing alongside podcast partner Ruocco and Sarah Kustok on Friday as a part of the Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics preseason broadcast. He and Ruocco chatted about it, and it turns out Sabathia has some experience in the realm of broadcasting. Kinda.

Sabathia explained that he and Aaron Boone, when they were playing for the Cleveland Indians, would hang out in the dugout and pretend to call the game their team was playing.

Sabathia also said he wants to channel Richard Jefferson's energy as a broadcaster while on the call, which is a good choice. Jefferson brings fun vibe and it would be perfect for a preseason matchup.

It's funny to imagine Sabathia and Boone on the call while hanging around on the bench during their playing days. Entire books can and probably have been written about the various activities MLB players engage in when they have to spend the entire game in the dugout.

Sabathia's basketball broadcast debut will come on Friday. It'll be interesting to see if his practice will pay off, even if it's in a different sport entirely.