CBS' Super Bowl Scorebug Will Take Some Time to Get Used To


CBS debuted a new scorebug for Super Bowl LV because if you can't trot one out for the biggest broadcast in human existence, when can you generate a buzz?

Many social media users secure enough in themselves to use the word "crisp" are describing it as crisp. The main complaint seems to be that the clock is not centered, which is a total first-world problem. The actual pressing issue and fair critique is that the clock numbers are not big enough. They should be the same size as the score and down-and-distance integers.

Personally, I preferred the version CBS used all year up until this point. This newfangled one is a bit too close to Fox's for my liking.

You may be thinking: who cares. That's an understandable question. But surprisingly, only about 30 percent of respondents to a poll asking for opinions on the look told the survey conductor to get lost, which is a smaller percentage than normal.