Cavs-Celtics Not Quite As Interesting As Highly Speculative Tabloid Story on Kylie/Khloe/Tristan Triangle


The Cavs have beaten the Celtics by a combined 57 points. Boston’s best player, Isaiah Thomas, is out for the remainder of the series. The Celtics have less than zero answer for LeBron James. While it remains fascinating to watch LeBron just assert his will over other humans, who are among the best athletes in the world — and into his thirties — the Cavs have not had a lot of drama.

Enter the Kardashians?

Earlier this week, Radar Online cited an anonymous source as saying that Kylie Jenner has been courting her half-sister Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. A sample of quotes:

  • “She’s been texting him sexy selfies and flirting non-stop when Khloe’s back is turned.”
  • “Kylie gets a huge kick out of it and can’t help herself.”
  • “She’s got it bad for Tristan and has even told friends that he’s way too hot for Khloe.”
  • “If he made a move on her she’d totally go there.”

Today, TMZ tweeted out a NESN aggregation of this story.

Obviously, this is not something we can take as the gospel, or even close. It’s certainly not like a video came out of Kylie and Tristan aggressively making out in an elevator or in a cab. Or, maybe these alleged salacious texts are some sort of perverse loyalty test from Khloe to make sure she can trust the Cavs forward to spend the next few years with her? Who the hell knows with them?

The Finals are coming up, and the Kardashians love to insert themselves into the story. Our knee-jerk reaction is that this news is nonsense, but with everything we’ve seen with this family it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Even if it’s not happening, the rumors are out there now.

This is the inherent risk of dating a Kardashian in the first place: