Cavaliers Executive Claps Enthusiastically, Causes LeBron James to Go Nuclear

LeBron James
LeBron James / Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James scored 46 points on Monday night against his hometown squad when theLos Angeles Lakers took on the Cleveland Cavaliers in Ohio. Through three quarters, though, it was a fairly ho-hum LeBron game. He had 25 points, seven rebounds, and four assists heading into the final frame. He could have had 27, but he missed a turnaround jumper to tie the game as the third quarter expired.

On the broadcast, it looked like LeBron missed that shot and was en route to the bench before turning around and staring at someone. He then nodded with that look he tends to get before everything cut to commercial. Whatever transpired there was the downfall of the Cavaliers. Cleveland, up two heading into the fourth, lost by seven. LeBron had 21 in the final quarter by himself, while the Cavs mustered all of 19 points in the last 12 minutes.

When asked about that after the game, he noted that someone from the Cavaliers' front office group got "a little too excited" about the missed shot at the end of the quarter.

One day later, folks, we have video of the incident at hand. The Internet is an amazing place. Occasionally.

In a normal year, this would have almost certainly gone unnoticed. But since this particular individual was one of, like, a dozen fans near the court, his clapping was probably awfully loud, even over the buzzer and subsequent PA system music.

But honestly, I wouldn't feel too bad if I were that guy. The clapping was aggressive, and standing up and leaning towards LeBron is poking the bear a bit, but he didn't even say anything. He just clapped. As one does at a sporting event. Then LeBron stole Jordan's flow and took it personally and obliterated the Cavaliers because he felt like it.

It can be frightening when a great player decides to flip the switch in such a manner. This Cavs executive found that out first-hand.