Cary Williams Says Chip Kelly is Working the Eagles Too Hard in Practice


The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 after a 37-34 win over the Redskins Sunday, and everything should be rosy in the City of Brotherly Love, right?

Not quite.

After the chippy win over the Redskins, defensive back Cary Williams – yup, the guy who fought Riley Cooper last year in the preseason – had the temerity to complain in the locker room about being overworked by coach Chip Kelly. What precipitated this? It seems like Williams was annoyed with getting asked about struggling against former teammate DeSean Jackson.

Knee-jerk reaction: It was a short week for the Eagles after the Monday rally against the Colts. The Redskins threw 48 passes; the Colts held the ball for 36 minutes. Your offense moves quickly, and you’re on the field a lot.

Quit your whining, be happy about 3-0, and trot out to the media this week and take it all back.

You know that’s going to happen.

That, or Chip Kelly will bench him. The Eagles travel west to play the 49ers next weekend.

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