Carmelo to the Houston Rockets Would Require a Reconciliation With Mike D'Antoni

Ryan Glasspiegel

Led mostly by Stephen A. Smith, there is the idea that Carmelo Anthony could reach a buyout with the New York Knicks. Possible destinations include the Cavs or the bourgeoning super-team in Houston (or he could go there via trade?).

The problem with the Houston Rockets? Carmelo Anthony and Mike D'Antoni have a rocky history dating back to their time with the Knicks.

In the 2012 offseason, Carmelo Anthony made this point clear behind the scenes: He did not want to remain a Knick if Mike D’Antoni remained the head coach. D’Antoni obliged, resigning from the head coaching job.

Lest you believe this is ancient history, D’Antoni brought it up in an ESPN the Magazine profile literally last month:

"In New York in 2012, after Anthony said the team needed to choose between him and D’Antoni, Mike made it easy. “I just went in and quit,” he says. “Don’t say ‘quit,'” [his wife] Laurel says. “I hate that word. You resigned. You walked away. Mutually walked away.” Mike rolls his eyes and turns to me. “I quit,” he says."

Does that sound like a coach who would be thrilled if his front office brought Carmelo Anthony into the fold?