Carmelo Anthony to the...Lakers? Celtics? 76ers?


Is Carmelo Anthony going to join an NBA roster soon? Per The Athletic’s Sam Amick and Joe Vardon, the 10-time All-Star “has multiple options available and is expected to pick one before the Feb. 7 trade deadline.”

While ‘Melo has been posting workout videos on social media with personal trainer Chris Brickley, he has not appeared in an NBA game since November 8. Although Anthony and the Rockets have “parted” ways, Houston still owns Anthony’s rights. It’s not clear if these potential options would be completed via trade or a release and signing of some kind.

So who are some of these options for the CEO of Melo Inc.? The first team that comes to mind is the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James hinted in December at bringing in his banana boat buddy:

The Lakers currently have a full roster and would have to waive someone to make it happen. I’m selfishly hoping he lands on the Lakers because it will be entertaining, and the internet will break! But, has that ship sailed? Wouldn’t L.A. have called Carmelo after James’ groin injury? Let’s see, but at least we know ‘Melo would remember to have his game shorts on, right?

Kyrie Irving also stirred the pot back in November when he mentioned the possibility of adding a veteran to the Boston Celtics.

While Irving didn’t say “the Celtics should go and get Carmelo,” who else could he have been referring to? Still, Boston doesn’t look like a team that needs what ‘Melo can bring to the table, especially as they are still trying to figure out how to put all their own roster pieces together.

Which leads me to Philly. This is just a guess, but the team that makes the most sense to me for ‘Melo is the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers need a forward and his ability to stretch the floor is sorely needed with Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid all preferring to work within 16 feet of the basket. Yes, he needs the ball to be successful, which is tough with those three there, but the catch and shoot Team USA ‘Melo can push them over hump come playoff time if he buys in.

It will be fun to see where ‘Melo lands, as all of these potential landing spots create interesting storylines for the rest of the season. The NBA trade deadline can’t get here soon enough!