Carmelo Anthony Has Batman Talent, Stephon Marbury Tendencies, Says Executive


The Knicks are 3-8. They’re worse than everyone thought. There are still 71 games left in the season, Tyson Chandler will return, Raymond Felton will get healthy and and maybe they’ll get to 40 wins and a playoff spot. A 1st round playoff exit seems like the most this team is capable of.

Then can the Knicks get rid of Carmelo Anthony?

New York is going nowhere fast, and all the excitement about last year’s 54-win team – when you break it down, they just had a hot 1st half – is a distant memory. We’re back to Feb. 21, 2011: Why the hell did the Knicks just give up everything for Melo? All he’s done: Win one playoff series (over Rondo-less Boston), fire a coach (D’Antoni) and run off arguably the team’s most popular player since Patrick Ewing (Jeremy Lin).

The smart move? Start shopping Melo (good luck with that), and then begin preparing for his departure in the offseason. Yeah, he’s said he wants to stay, and yes, the Knicks can offer him the most money. But by keeping him, you’re delaying the inevitable rebuilding job that is necessary. Just face it: You’re not winning a title with Carmelo Anthony. Or coming close.

Nobody would ever argue against Melo the scorer (26 ppg this year). But he’s also the King of the Bad Shot, still doesn’t get that whole passing thing, and strikes me as an average defensive player. Worst of all? When things go bad, Melo presses, and a pressing Anthony is the worst Anthony.

Recently, ESPN’s Chris Broussard spoke to “team executives” around the league about Carmelo Anthony, and among the gems:

"So now, 10 years into the league, he’s probably Robin on a championship team instead of Batman. He has Batman talent, but the intangibles are missing. I would love to have him as a second guy. But as your alpha male? He’s not going to win anything like that. He’s kind of like the 2013 version of Stephon Marbury. He’s not as bad as Stephon, but he’s got Steph tendencies.”"

Give up the plan for Kevin Love, Knicks. In a loaded draft – the Knicks don’t have a 1st round pick thanks to the trade with Denver – the Knicks should see if they can unloaded Melo to a bad team for high pick. That’s a pipe dream and won’t happen, but it’s worth a shot. Then, let him walk to LA, and start from scratch. I’m ready for rock bottom.

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