Carmelo Anthony Fears Becoming Stephon Marbury, Apparently

By Jason McIntyre

Stephon Marbury was a disaster with the Knicks, the symbol of New York dysfunction during the bleak Isiah Thomas debacle. Fans will never forget the rock bottom years of 23, 33 and 23 wins featuring Starbury in his prime, trigger happy Jamal Crawford and eating machine Eddy Curry.

Sources are telling the New York Post that Carmelo Anthony fears being another Marbury on a sinking Knicks ship, and that could make him bolt from the Knicks in the offseason. I think this is Carmelo Could Leave Part III, or maybe IV. I’ve lost count.

"Anthony doesn’t want to be a poster boy if the Knicks spiral into a losing era, and it could influence his thinking when he makes his decision come July. Though still undecided, there’s part of him that may want to bail if he thinks the Knicks’ ship completely sinks. He does not want to be the scapegoat. Anthony wants to play for a winner, but desperately wants to play in a big market because of his business ventures."

Which means LA or Chicago, and I can’t stop laughing at either of those destinations. You think any of those teams are bending over backward to get Melo? The Derrick Rose-less Bulls are going nowhere, and probably will end up in the lottery. The Bulls will definitely need to rebuild – but are they doing that around Melo, or draft picks? The Clippers are a playoff team maybe capable of making a run to the Conference Finals, and would trading Melo for Blake Griffin really be an upgrade, when you take into account defense, age and salary?

The best part, of course, is that Melo seems to be holding out hope that the Knicks can land Rajon Rondo or Kevin Love. New York hired a new GM who is tight with Melo’s boy William Wesley, because you have to keep the franchise happy! That always seems to work out, right? I can’t wait to see either of those trades happen. Boston is currently in the 8th spot in the East; Chicago is 9th. Minnesota is .500 and 9th in the West.

The Knicks have the second worst record in the NBA and don’t have a 1st round pick in 2014.

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