Carlos Tevez Sent Off For Saying Horrible Thing About Referee's Sister


Carlos Tevez, the former Man U and Man City forward, is back where he began his professional career, playing for the Boca Juniors in Argentina’s top division. During a game today Tevez committed a pretty clear foul – minutes after scoring a goal to put Boca up 1-0 – and then argued with the referee as he assessed him a yellow card. Tevez then said the referee’s sister was of ill-repute and received a second yellow card and ejection. Tevez then continued to argue, but the referee was all out of yellow cards.

According to The Sun, Tevez called the referee’s sister a “whore.” GOAL has Tevez saying something even more colorful.

Google translate says that means, “hooker shell of your sister,” which is a much nicer phrasing than what is apparently a more accurate translation: “your sister’s whorish c—.” Yes, directing the c-word at a referee’s sister in any language will earn you a yellow card.