Carlos Gomez Gave Baseball with a Phone Number to Female Fan at Yankee Stadium

Kyle Koster

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez loves to have fun on the field. His list of GIFable moments is long and diverse. He’s known to interact with the  paying customers and is exceedingly approachable. That interaction took the form of giving out a phone number during this week’s series against the Yankees in the Bronx.

"As one of the games neared its end, he tossed a ball to one of the women, according to sources nearby who clearly saw that the baseball had a phone number written on it. Witnesses seated behind the women asked if the pair were dating Gomez and Rays shortstop Willy Adames, who kept peeking his head out of the dugout to see what Gomez was doing. The female fans, who didn’t give their names, said they had never met the players."

The ol’ digits on the ball is a tried and true classic. Guys relaxing in the bullpen are just waiting to bust it out. Gomez is far from the first, but the incident takes on a slightly different feel because he’s been married since 2007 and has three children with his wife.

Of course, that phone number could have belonged to Adames, been completely fake, or directed to a local restaurant as a prank. The Rays declined comment, leaving the mystery to persist.

Whatever the case, this is surely not the intended chain of events envisioned when the gracious gesture was imagined.

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