Cardinals Pitcher Carlos Villanueva Has an Unfortunate Brown Stain on His White Pants

Kyle Koster

Carlos Villanueva threw three innings of relief for the St. Louis Cardinals in last night’s loss to the Chicago Cubs. He surrendered four hits and two earned runs. His otherwise forgettable performance was rendered less forgettable thanks to an unfortunately placed brown stain on the seat of his crisp white baseball pants.


The smudge was likely dirt. Or perhaps pine tar. It’d be irresponsible for me to suggest it was anything else. So I’ll let the good people of Twitter wade into the, uh, mud.

Poor guy. Spends his whole life in the safe anonymity of middle relief and then something like this goes and happens.

This right here is why it’s important to have a tight-lipped clubhouse manager. If the Cardinals’ guy is any good, we’ll never truly know what was going on with Villanueva’s pants. And it’s probably for the best.