The Arizona Cardinals Were Actually Trying to Run the Play Aaron Rodgers Made Up

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kyler Murray rolled to his left and heaved a desperate ball to DeAndre Hopkins in the end zone. The future Hall of Famer went up and got it, performing the rare triple Moss in the process and forcing people to say "Hail Murray" with a straight face and not even an iota of shame. The incredible play figures to have significant playoff implications down the road and will be forever featured in those Crazy Endings videos you put on YouTube when there's 12 minutes to kill and you've sworn off actual reading.

It may surprise people to learn that, uh, the Arizona Cardinals weren't exactly trying to do that, which seems wild considering it won them the game. As Peter Schrager explained on this morning's episode of the aptly-named Good Morning Football, the plan was to replicate Aaron Rodgers' incredible last-second completion to Jared Cook in the 2017 NFC Divisional Playoffs.

We all remember that moment because, among other reasons, it really sent Skip Bayless into a tailspin from which he still hasn't recovered.

The wild part about that play is that Rodgers simply drew it up in the huddle like an elite improv performer saying yes and run a drag route.

A very cool note and an example of how the amino acids of offensive theory are first created out of whole cloth before serving as the building blocks of future yards from scrimmage. Of course, things aren't necessarily always that scientific when Kliff Kingsbury can look around and notice that he has Hopkins and put the game in his Hungry Hungry Hippos hands with no second thoughts.