Candace Parker Unimpressed By Shaq's Suggestion the WNBA Lower Rims to Encourage Dunking

Candace Parker listening to Shaq's suggestion the WNBA lower the rims.
Candace Parker listening to Shaq's suggestion the WNBA lower the rims. /

Candace Parker and Shaquille O'Neal have an... interesting dynamic. Parker comes to work at TNT every Tuesday having prepared to break down the NBA. Shaq comes to work at TNT every Tuesday. This led to a viral moment a few weeks ago when Parker, with the help of Dwyane Wade, explained how modern defenses try to defend the modern pick and roll. Last night Shaq tried to bring something to the table by suggesting the WNBA lower the rims. Again, Parker was not having it.

At no point while Shaq was talking did Parker appear interested in hearing what he had to say. When he finally delivered his great idea, that the rims be lowered an inch and a half, Parker simply explained her next daughter would drop-step dunk.

As for Shaq's suggestion, where did that even come from? I hope they were at least discussing the WNBA before he came out with this. Otherwise, why?

As long as women's basketball has existed, they have played on 10-foot rims. The WNBA has existed for more than two decades. The game of basketball is played on 10-foot rims at every level, in both men's and women's divisions, worldwide.

Why not raise the men's rims instead to make it more difficult to dunk? How many dunks were there when the game of basketball was first invented? Is that any less ridiculous? Would more dunking in the WNBA even do anything for viewership? Especially in an era when the three-pointer is as important and popular as ever.