Can the NFL Save America? Please?

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes / David Eulitt/Getty Images

It has come to this. The NFL can save America. The league has a little over a week, but it can do it and ensure its financial success in the process. The NFL needs to take the lead in the fight against coronavirus because the people who should be are stuck right now.

America is currently a rudderless ship with a lame duck president who is on shore golfing while the Titanic is backing up and ramming into the same iceberg over and over. Roger Goodell and the NFL can do something. They can step up and do what needs to be done. They can tell people, using the biggest television platform in America, to get a flu shot, wear masks, wash their hands and stay home. They can be an example. Employ that flag-worshiping, troop-loving propaganda arm and save literal lives.

Cases are spiking. Thanksgiving is going to be a disaster and Black Friday is probably going to have a different meaning this year. The league needs Anthony Fauci sitting down with Tony Romo or John Madden or Roger Goodell or Patrick Mahomes to plead with people eating Thanksgiving dinner to take personal responsibility and be a part of a team while no one is in charge of the country for the next two months. Ask The Rock to have a conversation with Ryquell Armstead, the 24-year-old Jaguars running back who is missing the season because of COVID-19 complications.

If the NFL could just buy the country some time to maybe not overwhelm hospitals for the entire holiday season, it would probably be good for the league in the long-term. It can slap team logos and the shield on masks and send them to every fan in America. Make Sunday Ticket available to everyone for free. This is the most popular thing in America, right? Even when the ratings are down, they're still bigger than anything. The NFL has a bigger audience than just about anyone. Encourage people to rally around their televisions to save lives.

Explain that getting coronavirus under control would result in fans getting back to games sooner. Most importantly, there would be less risk of Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers missing a playoff game. Isn't that what's really important? Seems like the fans and the league would win in this scenario. Please, just try it. Somebody has to do something. Why not the NFL?