Can NFL Players Smoke Weed?

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Over the years, the perception of marijuana has gradually changed and it is now legal to some degree in most of the United States. Medically, marijuana is great for pain relief, which is where it ties into sports. Professional athletes punish their bodies to extremes the common man cannot even comprehend. Thus, it is becoming more and more popular to turn to marijuana for recovery.

For a long time no league allowed its players to smoke marijuana, but the times-- they are changing.

Can NFL Players Smoke Weed?

Yes and no.

NFL Weed Policy

As of April 20, 2021, the NFL no longer tests for Delta 9 THC-carboxylic acid during the random drug testing period that takes place in the offseason. So players can smoke or consume all the marijuana they want over the summer without any repercussions.

The league does still test for marijuana during the season and it is still technically against the rules. However, under the latest collective bargaining agreement they raised the threshold for what constitutes a positive test and how many tests you'd have to fail to get a suspension. Instead, the NFL now issues fines for the first three failed tests. If players refuse to take part in a treatment program, they can be suspended after a fourth failed test.