Can Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Find an Audience in a Crowded Podcast Space?

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen
Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen / Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

American President Barack Obama and New Jersey President Bruce Springsteen are doing a podcast together. Two episodes of the Spotify exclusive "Renegades: Born in the USA" dropped today. The question is, what do they do if this doesn't work out for them?

Obama and Springsteen are not the first friends to decide they should start a podcast over the last year. In fact, the podcast world is quite crowded right now. Colin Cowherd just launched a whole damn network this month. There's a TBL podcast embedded in this article. America only has so many ears, so what if these guys are too late to the game? They're going to need a hook. Something that sets them apart. Look at the description of the podcast from Deadline.

"The eight-episode podcast will see the pair in deep and revealing conversation with each other, exploring a wide array of topics including race, fatherhood, marriage, and the state of America. It is a personal, in-depth discussion between two friends exploring their pasts, their beliefs, and the country that they love—as it was, as it is, and as it ought to be going forward."

So this sounds like it might be a free-flowing conversation that will occasionally touch on mature subjects. All that, plus parent corner. But first, the E-Street Band.

So we know that this is just another podcast with two buddies sitting around to talk about whatever. They really need to come up with an angle if they want to get renewed for a second season. Perhaps they could investigate a true crime? Wouldn't you like someone to get to bottom of a famous crime? Who has more time, resources and connections than these two?

Maybe they have a favorite TV show they would like to rewatch and recap? The West Wing? California Dreams? The Wire? The Office? We could use a few more of those. Hell, Springsteen has 20 studio albums they could go over them song-by-song and do this for the rest of their lives. Then of course there's always the right-wing political podcast. Those are very popular. They already have a title that works.

Whatever happens, if we don't hear a first-person testimonial from Barack Obama or Bruce Springsteen about the latest wellness product, you'll know their show is in trouble. Hopefully they're taking notes.