Calvin Ridley is Tweeting Through Suspension For Gambling

Calvin Ridley
Calvin Ridley / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Calvin Ridley will not step foot on the football field for the next 12 months and maybe even longer after news broke today that he was suspended by the NFL for gambling on games. Ridley was not with the Atlanta Falcons at the time he bet on football games; he announced in October he was stepping away from the tema due to mental health issues. He then reportedly placed bets during a five-day stretch in November using his cell phone, putting money down on parlay bets that apparently included the Falcons.

When the suspension was announced, Ridley began to tweet his way through the firestorm. He first said he only bet $1,500 and that he didn't have a problem.

Ridley has made $11 million in his football career to this point, so putting a little over a grand down to gamble is indeed a drop in the bucket. Ridley did not stop there, though, and said he "couldn't even watch football" at the time he was placing the bets.

It is unclear exactly what he's trying to get across with this tweet. But Ridley is in some rather serious trouble. It's a very real possibility that we've seen the last of Ridley on the field. The man himself, though, is optimistic about his future.

That may very well end up being true. But for now, Ridley is done for at least a year.

UPDATE: Ridley has now expressed his thoughts on the length of his suspension.