California Condors Gathered on a Woman's Deck and Made a Real Mess

California condors in the wild.
California condors in the wild. / David McNew/Getty Images

California condors are an endangered species. There are only about 200 alive right now. When one is born in the wild, it's worthy of a news story. Presumably, the other condors heard the good news, which is why a little more than a dozen of them got together to celebrate. Unfortunately for one California woman, the party was on her deck.

That's quite a mess. According to the Twitter user, her mom shooed the birds away and last we heard, they are hanging out in a nearby tree. Possibly waiting for more snacks to be put out.

Compared to the bear in the hot tub, California condors are obviously not as chill, but because they're endangered we have to look the other way and just let them ruin patio furniture with impunity.

Or maybe people just love condors.