Caleb Williams Pulled Off a Ridiculous Scramble Against Notre Dame

Notre Dame v USC
Notre Dame v USC / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Caleb Williams may have cinched up the Heisman Trophy Saturday night with an incredible performance against Notre Dame. The sophomore quarterback has had a number of "Heisman moments" this season, but one scramble he broke off Saturday night might be the highlight of the year.

The play came with USC driving up 24-14 late in the third quarter. The Trojans faced second and 13 at the Notre Dame 40-yard line when Williams dropped back to pass. Nothing was open, so he went into improvisation mode. He avoided five Irish defenders, then took off. It was a 19-yard run for a first down, but he covered nearly 80 yards on the play.

Check this out:

And another look that is somehow even better.

I mean, that's just crazy. I'm not sure I've seen a college quarterback who is a better combination of passer and scrambler. He's amazing.

Williams finished off the drive with with a three-yard touchdown run to give USC a 31-14 lead with 14:53 remaining. On the night he was 18-of-22 for 232 yards with a touchdown, no interceptions and three rushing touchdowns.

He also did this earlier:

He's the best player in college football.

The game isn't over, but Williams looks like he's getting the performance he needs to hoist the Heisman in a few weeks.