C.B. Bucknor's Awful Call Led to Chaos in Mariners-Yankees Game

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

We've discussed this at length before, but C.B. Bucknor is one of the worst umpires in Major League Baseball. He was up to his old tricks again Tuesday night, making a horrible call that led to chaos in a game. Bucknor's terrible miss on a check swing call got two people ejected during the Seattle Mariners-New York Yankees game.

Mariners catcher Tom Murphy stepped into the box to face Yankees righty Michael King to open the bottom of the sixth inning. King uncorked a 1-1 sweeper that was off the plate, and Murphy slightly offered at it. The Yankees appealed to Bucknor at first base to see if Murphy had swung, and Bucknor said he did. On replay, it was clear Murphy held up. In fact it wasn't close.

Murphy couldn't believe it and immediately expressed his displeasure saying, "F--king C.B.. that's f--king terrible. Jesus Christ." Home plate umpire Brian Walsh -- who was only in his second game behind home plate in MLB -- immediately threw him out. When Mariners manager Scott Servais argued, he was thrown out as well.

Check this out:

That's just an absurd call and the fallout was ridiculous as well. The audio on the above video is from the Yankees' broadcast, even they thought the whole thing was absurd.

Bucknor clearly missed the call, in that situation Walsh has to let the batter vent a bit. Then to throw out his manager after a quick hook was just silly and made the umpiring crew look horrible.

The Yankees wound up winning the game 10-2.