The Chicago Bulls Had a Players-Only Meeting After Opening Night Blowout

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

There aren't huge expectations for the Chicago Bulls this year as most sportsbooks are forecasting a losing record that will probably keep them on the outside of the playoffs looking in, even if everyone seems to make the NBA postseason. They opened by hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder last night and things did not go well. After the 124-104 loss, Bulls players may have made history by holding a players-only meeting on opening night.

Coach Billy Donovan, who was asked to leave for a hot minute, found a way to spin this into a positive.

So did big man Nikola Vucevic.

It's good to see those two on the same page after a prolonged discussion on the bench after Donovan lifted Vucevic.

You know, the initial impulse is to dunk on this and project a bunch of pain for Chicago after this unusual move but we're going to zig where others zag. If there's a problem, then addressing it as quickly as possible seems like the smart thing to do. Why wait until an 0-6 start or something forces everyone's hand?

The Bulls welcome in the Raptors tomorrow night so we'll see if this players-only confab right out of the gate bears any immediate fruit.