Chicago Bulls Rookies Were in Charge of Punching Jim Boylen's Time Clock For Veterans

Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls
Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Jim Boylen's time with the Chicago Bulls is just about over, it seems. In parts of two seasons, Boylen has amassed a record of 39-84. A new regime has entered the front office and it seems they are just waiting for the season to officially end before they move on to find another coach. It's not all Boylen's fault since the Bulls are a little light in the talent department, but it's still worth looking back at some of the things that didn't work. Like his old fashioned time clock. From an October story in The Athletic:

"Boylen brought in another memory of his factory days. He ordered a time clock. He had it painted from green to red and inscribed with “Chicago Bulls” in white letters on the front. On the sides are Bulls logos. It sits on a north wall inside the Advocate Center, just off the training room, steps away from the weight room. To the right, resting in two small adjacent grey placeholders, are the players’ time cards. Each one is red and white, with the player’s name and his jersey number at the top. The custom-made cards also are adorned with a Bulls logo. “So when guys come through the doors they punch in now,” Boylen said. “Punching in to work.”"

This gimmick did not go over well as anything besides a joke. Here's Tracy McGrady talking about it on The Jump.

Turns out the players did not react positively to the clock either. Lauri Markkanen recently appeared on the Finnish podcast Urheilucast. On Tap Sports Net shared parts of the conversation, including the pertinent detail about the time clock.

"When host Esko Seppänen asked Markkanen about Boylen installing the time clock, he chuckled and replied with “from what I understand, this was the norm at like factories back in the day? I guess it did what it was supposed (to do): Guys came in early. Usually it was the old guys telling the rookies to go punch in everybody’s time cards though.”"

Not only did some players not totally understand the significance of the clock, but it definitely turned in to another way for rookies to carry a veteran's bags.