So What's Going on With the Bills and Stefon Diggs?

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills began their mandatory minicamp on Tuesday with glaring absence: star receiver Stefon Diggs. While Diggs not being there was a huge topic of conversation, no one is saying what the problem is. It apparently has nothing to do with money or a new contract, so we have no idea what it could be.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott said he was "very concerned" that Diggs wasn't there on Tuesday:

ESPN's Josina Anderson is reporting that Diggs' absence isn't about money:

Quarterback Josh Allen claimed that, as an organization, the Bills maybe needed to communicate better:

Von Miller fully took Diggs' side in the matter -- whatever it is -- claiming he wouldn't be in Buffalo without the All-Pro wideout:

Allen reiterated that he loves Diggs and that the organization is "working on some things" internally:

In summary, we've learned whatever is going on has McDermott concerned. We also know it isn't money-related, isn't football-related, his teammates love him and, according to Allen and Miller, Diggs wants to be there.

So what, exactly, is going on here? No one seems to want to say why one of the NFL's best receivers is sitting out mandatory minicamp, when everyone in the organization seems to know the reason.

It doesn't sound like any clarity is coming from the folks in Buffalo any time soon.