Can You Imagine the Refs Picking Up That Pass Interference Flag On Tom Brady?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New York Giants on Monday Night Football in a game that was a lot closer than many people expected. Tom Brady and the Bucs found themselves trailing going into the fourth quarter and had to stop a 2-point conversion with 28 seconds remaining to hold on and win in regulation. In order to get that stop they also needed the referees to pick up a flag. Here is the official explanation why the officials decided to do that.

Sure, sure, sure. Perfectly normal ref speak. Here's the play.

I mean, it's clearly pass interference. An official saw it and threw a flag. There was no reason to pick up that flag. But since the Giants are bad and there is no reason for them to actually want to win, it's not really a big deal. But in the mindframe of our current world... what if this had happened to the other guy?

Can you imagine a world where referees picked up this flag against Tom Brady? Brady might still be in the officials' faces screaming without a mask on. If the Bucs had lost a game on this call that was reversed without a review, Bruce Arians would already be writing the check for his fine for criticizing officials after the game.

But it was Daniel Jones. So no one cares. No one wanted or needed more of this game. Daniel Jones probably would have thrown the same bad pass on a 2-point conversion attempt from a yard closer on the next play anyway. And if the Giants had somehow gotten to overtime, they would have lost their too.

So I know it absolutely does not matter, but just imagine the meltdown Brady would have had.

We were robbed by not living in this timeline. Hopefully, the universe makes it up to us sometime soon.